photo by Thorsten Jankowski

loving you is really all i can do,
i wanna give you the world,
but it seems like its a little too late.
fallen out of my hands, into another road.
another open arms, of my friends.

can you not see im in love with you?
can you not feel my presence around you?
can you not see the pain and agony you caused?
baby, i love you.
i said it once and ill say it again.
i love you.

can you believe that this is true?
im loving with my heart and soul,
but you just rip it out like its nothing special.

will you save me?
if you see me drowning there?
will you help me?
if im addicted to drugs?
will you hold me?
when no one is around?
will you love me?
when the sky is falling down?
if i jump off this window,
will you stop me?
or just let me out?

hanging by that very string you hold in your hands...
love me... thats all i ask...

Justin D..

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zero είπε...

Ναι, καταπληκτικο κι'αυτο.
Παρα πολυ καλο.