Isadora Duncan

"Dancing! Dancing!" My spirit starts to fly
My arms get light as feathers, my heart exudes a sigh!

I hear the music playing, my soul swings to its beat
As the melody and rhythm descend into my feet.

I'm engulfed in this vibration, and like a brush in Van Gogh's hand
I paint the parquet canvas to songs from foreign land.

My partner echoes all my moves in perfect harmony, -
A silent conversation for everyone to see.

The joy's beyond explaining - no other sport comes close.
If every art's a flower, then dancing is the rose.

The tedious hours of practice, frustration and despair
Are all belied by graceful moves of two that float on air.

A sense of utmost confidence, a feeling so sublime
As music sings a wondrous phrase and dancing paints the rhyme.

A hidden hand, baton unseen, music and dance unites,
And makes a joyful symphony to rival starry nights.

Of all the things I've ever done in life's exciting quest
Except for loving whom I love, dancing has been the best.

Helmut Licht

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