I felt you near

You breathed on my neck 

whispered in my ear 

Your grip froze me 

I felt you near 

I kept my eyes closed 

You kissed me with hunger 

Pressing down  with strength 

Your hands  wander 

I spoke to you 

In a soft low tone 

Keeping my eyes closed 

Not feeling alone 

My only words were 

Yes and 


That’s all you needed from me 

I rolled on my front 

A pillow beneath 

I felt you right there 

I heard you breathe 

You called me wanton 

You said ‘you are mine’ 

You said ‘I will take you’ 

‘just tell me your fine’ 

‘Yes sir’ I said 

‘Oh take me, don’t tease’ 

‘I am yours’ 

‘Do as you please’ 

Feeling moist 

With delicious desire 

Aching for you 

Wanting your fire 

Wanting your rage 

Your hunger and lust 

Wanting release 

Wanting your thrust 

I opened my eyes 

I blinked in the dark 

My imagination helps 

While we are apart


Ημερολόγιο 2013

Σήμερα, πρωί πρωί, πήγα και αγόρασα
το ημερολόγιο του 2013.
Εγώ ατζέντα θα 'χω,
ο κόσμος να χαλάσει.
Ατζέντα θα 'χω και θα γράφω τις χαρούμενες στιγμές μου!
Προσωπικές, οικογενειακές, φιλικές!
Και είναι πολλές.
Η περιουσία μου όλη, 
 τα δυο παιδιά μου.
Το χαμόγελο μου δε θα το πάρει κανείς. 
Δεν επέτρεψα τόσα χρονιά σε κανέναν να με γονατίσει,
  υπήρξαν κάμποσοι που το επιχείρησαν.
Δεν με φοβίζουν τα μέτρα σας, οι νόμοι, 
 ποιοι είστε κ ποιοι κρύβονται πίσω από σας.
Δουλειά θα βρω, κάτι θα κάνω.
Την δουλειά δε την φοβάμαι.
Το χαμόγελο μου όμως, αγαπητοί μου, 
δε θα μου το πάρετε !
Γιατί είμαι δυνατή τόσο, ώστε να μην σας φοβάμαι!
Εδώ που είμαι, ήρθα πετώντας κ όχι σέρνοντας.
   Έφτασα με το κεφάλι ψηλά κ όχι πατώντας επί πτωμάτων.
Το χαμόγελο μου δε σας το χαρίζω
ούτε κ το δάκρυ μου. 
Ακόμα και αν με αναγκάζεται να εκπορνευτώ
για να ζήσω τα παιδιά μου,
θα είναι 




In My Dreams

When I close my eyes I see you

I feel your breath
Hot on my neck

I smell your scent
strong and manly

I feel your hands
caressing my skin

I embrace your touch
and fall into your arms

You undress me slowly
enjoying my every curve

Tantalizing my breasts
my nipples now erect

You feel the drops of dew
on the petals of my flower

Your manhood firm with passion
Fills me with pleasure

I feel your every desire
and I submit to you


Where I Sit

is where
I seek out
sea shells from the sea shore and sandy beach.

I harvest grains of sand in my mind's eye
watching pebbles
where I


Passion's Dance

Skin glistening, shimmering, touching
Hands freely roaming
Exploring... discovering
Every hidden spot
Feather like kisses
In the most vulnerable areas
Euphoric high

Drinking in the taste
Of sweetness
Alluring scent of sex
Magnificent hardness
Fully erect

Sensual caresses
Breasts with peaks of pink
Lips upon lips
Ravenous thirst needing to be quenched

Chest against chest, beating hearts
Thundering in tune
On top start out slow
More intense with each sensation
Building up, moving faster
Penetrating deeper
Hands gripped tightly
Holding my hips
Eyes meet and look deep
Ecstasy in full bloom

Whispers of lust
Want and desire
Pearls of sweat
Upon sun kissed beauty

Defined... strong arms
Wrapped around my body
Sends a fire through my being

Heaving chests, quickness of breath
Our fingers intertwined, locked
Back arched as each thrust is met
Waves of pleasure take over
Uttered moans of ultimate bliss

Climbing higher faster
Climaxing like never before
Whimpers, groans, cries of unspeakable delight
Reaching beyond passion
Body shakes, fingers tremble
Satisfaction achieved once more
Passion's Dance......


Sipping Life...

Just sit there,
and sip the
the coffee of
your life.
Just kneel on
your aching
and beg...
Forgiveness in
Lie alone
all by yourself.
Cry your pain
away while
your hands
stay stained.
Talk to yourself-
Did anyone hear?
Tell yourself
secrets untold.
Think about
the good and
the bad.
Toss those
thoughts around.
Tell God
your sad story.
Whispering to
the ceiling
and sky.
He's not in
your ceiling;
not in the
space of time.
Try your heart.
the action of
the reaction.
Just feel it
running through
you. Do you
have it in
something or
nothing at all?
Just sit there
and sip the
coffee of
your life. With
no thought
of future
rise or fall.
Sip...Just sip.