Winter Daemons


Winter Daemons of the sky.
Neon angels flashing by.
Fateful spins of fire and ice.
Paying the eternal price.

Hard the hand of Heaven's might will
turn the wheel of Nature's cycle.
Darkness follows Light as Day
speeds the Night along its way.

Sol and Luna's cosmic swirl.
Kindred Spirits' wings unfurled.
Fallen from the vault above,
clasped in a forbidden love.

Ember glows in ashen snow,
tell where we have been,
show where we must go.
As up above, so down below.

Wing-ed angels of the night
prance about on my skylight,
casting shadow dancing stars.
What you dream is what you are!

Old Millot

3 σχόλια:


Χμμμ, έχει πανσέληνο απόψε.. Την εκφράζεις με τρόπο ταιριαστό! Εχεις και συ 2 όψεις..;

Penthesila είπε...

Θεε καλημερα...ωραια η χειμωνιατικη πανσεληνος...να καθρεφτιζεται στο λευκο χιονι...

zero είπε...

Παρα πολυ καλο.