Angel's Sin

Falling, reaching, crying.

Plummeting from the heights

of glorious light

to the depths

of endless darkness.

Such is the retribution

for this folly of mine.

A moment, a mere instant

and I pay for eternity.

Because I have loved

and been loved in return

I am cast down,

and rent from all I ever desired.

He was my splendor,

radiant and warm.

My dearest mortal.

And was that not our crime?

That he was one of the Chosen,

and I of the Seraphim.

Immortal and mortal,

the pure and the free.

How can love be wrong?

Ours was judged so;

for I am not free.

Bound am I to the

rede of the pure,

fated to be above all things.

I broke my fate.

I gave myself to a human

willingly, eagerly.

I knew the taste of love,

and for this I am condemned.

Yet, I do not regret.

Because he held me

and he loved me

and he was all I ever wanted to know.

I could not let him go

so they tore us apart

the only way they could.

At least he lives;

that knowledge comforts me

here in this ceaseless night.

My beautiful Geoff

My beloved sin.

5 σχόλια:

harmonica είπε...

Πολύ όμορφο το τραγούδι που διάλεξες για το blog, penthesila...

Συγκρατώ τους αγαπημένους μου στίχους:
"Teach me passion, for I fear it's gone.
Show me love, hold the lorn.
So much more I wanted to give to the ones who love me.
I'm sorry..."

Penthesila είπε...

Harmonica γνωριζεις που μπορω να βρω τους στιχους ?Σ'αυτο το ειδος και υφος παντα προτεινεις ισως και κατι αλλο να ψαξω?

harmonica είπε...

Τους στίχους από το συγκεκριμένο τραγούδι τους βρήκα εδώ


Άκου και το τελευταίο album της τραγουδίστριας των Nightwish. (My Winter Storm - Tarja Turunen)

Υ.Γ. αν σκεφτώ κάτι άλλο που μπορεί να σου αρέσει, σ'αυτό το ύφος, θα σ'ενημερώσω ;)

iLiAs είπε...

Καλησπέρα :)

Penthesila είπε...

Ilia kalhspera soy....