Your Paradise

I seem to lose myself as I gaze into your eyes.
The electricity in your touch-controls me.
Your long deep kisses-enslave me.
*I am all yours*
I pray you make me cum.........
back down to earth knowing that this moment was & is real.
I want to be a part of your paradise.
I wish to be your fantasy.
Your love has captured me.
Take me.
Take me to your most intimate thoughts.
Let me.
Let me be the one that completes you.
Hold me.
Hold me tight as you make love to me, for I melt with your every thrust.
Feel me.
Feel me deep inside as you slip in & out of me.
Touch me.
Immerse my soul with your eternal love.
Experience me.
Taste my sweetness.
Penetrate my being.
My body burns for yours, hot passion I exude.
I can feel the adrenaline accelerating through.
I moan louder & louder as you hit me harder & harder.
High on your ecstacy, can't imagine not ever having my dose of your love....
Your mind....
Your body....
Your soul....
*I want it all*
Your Paradise....take me there

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καλη χρονια με ό,τι καλύτερο!