Lust Not Love

Shivers and trembles of anticipation passes
through my body,
As I lay quivering; waiting for you.
I feel my juices start to flow more as you
gaze lustfully at my body,
Reaching out with your hand you caress my
aching body,
Sliding your hand up to
my wet tight garage,
your fingers greedily touch my sweet juices.
The walls convulse tightly around your fingers,
as they work their magic on me.
As I lay there moaning and squirming,
you bring your hot mouth down
and gently glide your tongue up and down to
tease my g spot.
Licking back and forth,
you are delighted by my reactions;
Your member throbs with anticipation.
Eagerly you try to bring me to ecstasy,
but I stop you.
Stroking my hands all over your body-
I bring them to your throbbing member.
Hearing you moan with satisfaction
of my touch,makes me wetter than before.
I replace my hands with my hot, eager mouth.
I slide my tongue up and down
- teasing you endlessly;
Tormenting you by gently suckling on
your hard shaft.
Almost bringing you to the brink of sanity
-you stop me-
Throw me roughly against the wall.
Than you shove your car deep inside my garage,
and bring us both to an awesome climax.

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