Passion's Dance

Skin glistening, shimmering, touching
Hands freely roaming
Exploring... discovering
Every hidden spot
Feather like kisses
In the most vulnerable areas
Euphoric high

Drinking in the taste
Of sweetness
Alluring scent of sex
Magnificent hardness
Fully erect

Sensual caresses
Breasts with peaks of pink
Lips upon lips
Ravenous thirst needing to be quenched

Chest against chest, beating hearts
Thundering in tune
On top start out slow
More intense with each sensation
Building up, moving faster
Penetrating deeper
Hands gripped tightly
Holding my hips
Eyes meet and look deep
Ecstasy in full bloom

Whispers of lust
Want and desire
Pearls of sweat
Upon sun kissed beauty

Defined... strong arms
Wrapped around my body
Sends a fire through my being

Heaving chests, quickness of breath
Our fingers intertwined, locked
Back arched as each thrust is met
Waves of pleasure take over
Uttered moans of ultimate bliss

Climbing higher faster
Climaxing like never before
Whimpers, groans, cries of unspeakable delight
Reaching beyond passion
Body shakes, fingers tremble
Satisfaction achieved once more
Passion's Dance......

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Moschonis είπε...

Passion's Dance
in black 'n' white
from palms to lust
all we desire...