I felt you near

You breathed on my neck 

whispered in my ear 

Your grip froze me 

I felt you near 

I kept my eyes closed 

You kissed me with hunger 

Pressing down  with strength 

Your hands  wander 

I spoke to you 

In a soft low tone 

Keeping my eyes closed 

Not feeling alone 

My only words were 

Yes and 


That’s all you needed from me 

I rolled on my front 

A pillow beneath 

I felt you right there 

I heard you breathe 

You called me wanton 

You said ‘you are mine’ 

You said ‘I will take you’ 

‘just tell me your fine’ 

‘Yes sir’ I said 

‘Oh take me, don’t tease’ 

‘I am yours’ 

‘Do as you please’ 

Feeling moist 

With delicious desire 

Aching for you 

Wanting your fire 

Wanting your rage 

Your hunger and lust 

Wanting release 

Wanting your thrust 

I opened my eyes 

I blinked in the dark 

My imagination helps 

While we are apart

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