Tighten my grip

photo by Rankin

As the sun begins to set
And another day is winding down
I still cant seem to forget
The love that I found.

Every day is meant to get easier
But every fine detail still recurring in my head
Devastated I'm not the one to please her
Feeling so replaced, lifeless, dead.

As the sun begins to rise
My heart still twisted and severed
I still cant seem to tame the cries
Yet another struggle lay ahead.

I cry, I yell, I hurt, I yearn
As I adapt to this healing procedure
Realizing with pain comes a lesson learnt
Soon you will be a case of amnesia

Every day my grip is tightening
From drowning in my sorrows
Your absence becoming less frightening
Knowing a better day will come tomorrow!

by Kelly

2 σχόλια:

cook είπε...

γιατι τοσος πονος?

Penthesila είπε...

...πολυς οντως αλλα οχι απαραιτητα δικος μου... μην ανησυχεις ...