Once Again

photo by Zena Holloway

I promised myself I'd never fall once more,
The look in his eye I would just ignore.
I tried not to notice the gentle way he touched my skin,
My heart, I knew, I would not let him win.
Then something happened, and I finally let go,
I let him love me, and loved him more than he'll ever know.
Once it just took his smile to warm my heart,
And never could I imagine us being apart.
He showed me how love was meant to be,
And truly he meant everything to me.
I'm not sure when things started to go wrong,
I thought we could get through, If only I was strong.
But somehow everything I said was never quite right,
Never could I make him listen, though I tried with all my might.
He would just keep drinking, no matter how I cried,
And say he did not care if our love lived or died.
I vowed I would stay by his side forever,
No matter what happened, I would leave him never.
I stood by and watched him waste away,
I tried to stop him, but there was nothing I could say.
I finally realized there was nothing I could do,
And I knew our relationship was really through.
I said good- bye and walked to the door,
As he watched me go, his bottle hit the floor.
For the first time ever I watched a tear cross his eye,
He looked at me and asked, "Why can't you try? "
I walked away that day, promising, once again,
Never will I let anyone break my heart, once again.

by Jennie Henry

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