Thirsty days

photo by Lauren Bentley

Oh how I crave
the thirstful days of summer

honeyed sidewalks
and sticky fingers
from holding your tongue too long

the smell of lush berries
tangling themselves between my mouth
and your nose

the way dandelion necklaces
draped their delicate blossoms
over our hearts
with such golden ease

I pine for the cool earth
to smile it's warmth
upon our youthful bodies once again
to fill months, maybe years
with starry nights,
passion fruit,
and the never ending of summer with you

by Melissa

4 σχόλια:

KitsosMitsos είπε...

Σβήνει άραγε αυτή η δίψα;

Radio Marconi είπε...

Η φωτογραφία υπονοεί πως η κοπέλα είναι "διψασμένη"?


Penthesila είπε...

Σβηνει και αναβει Κιτσο

Penthesila είπε...

μονο διψασμενη κορακιασε καλε!γιατι λες να φερα νερο?